How to Successfully Participate in the $TVC Contributors Step1 ?

How to Successfully Participate in the $TVC Contributors Step1 ?

$TVC Contributior Step is one of the best opportunities for top-tier investors to multiply their investments 100x and more when the crypto they invest in is listed. If you’re considering participating in this program, follow these steps to ensure a successful investment.

1. Access the TravellerCoin Site

First and foremost, to participate in the $TVC Contributor Step1, you need to visit the official website or click here to discover the unique deposit $TVC contribution step1 address.

Make sure not to visit unofficial websites to avoid potential scams.

2-Click on Presale as indicated to get acces to the unique deposit address.

When you click on $TVC Contributor as indicated, you will be redirected on a new page.

3. Copy the Unique Address

Once on the page, scroll down to find the unique address in red. Click on it to copy it to your clipboard. This address is essential for the system to recognize your investment.

4. Use MetaMask or Trust Wallet or Web3 wallet

Now that you have copied the unique address, access your MetaMask or Trust Wallet etc. These wallets are compatible with BEP-20 tokens, which are necessary to participate in the $TVC contributor Step1

5. Initiate the Transfer
In your wallet, locate the “Send” option and click on it. Paste the unique address you copied in the previous step into the destination field. Then, specify the amount you want to invest in the corresponding field. Keep in mind that the minimum investment amount is $25 BNB, while the maximum is $10,0000 BNB.

6.Beware of Centralized Platforms

It’s crucial to emphasize that you should never send funds from a centralized platform, such as Binance, Lbank, KuCoin, or others similar. Make sure to send your funds from a BEP-20 compatible wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet to ensure the security of your investment.

7. Confirmation and Receipt of $TVC

Once you’ve successfully made the payment, the system will notify you with a “Congratulations” message. This means you’ve successfully participated in the $TVC Contributor Step1. Be patient, as within the following one hour, the number of $TVC tokens you’ve purchased will be sent directly to your wallet.

Click here to discover $TVC Pre-Listing contribution Unique deposit address